LETEN Vibrator Sex Toys For Woman Power Multi Speed Rechargeable Waterproof Wirelesss Electric Vibrator Wand Massager

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Product Name: Wand massager

Brand; LETEN

Material: ABS,silicone 

Color: Pink

Size: 3.4cm*16.8cm/ 6.61"*1.34"

Weight: 0.15KG

Motor speed: 8500RPM 

Motor life: 100h

Battery capacity: 350mah 

Charging time: 2h 

vibration pattern: 10 pattern

Charge model: usb charge

Working time: Heating 1.5 hours, non-heating 4 hours

Work for: Neck,Back,Leg,Arm,muscles recovery,Body Therapeutic,massager for women,sex toy

Trouble clean direction:


step 1:confirm the key operation is correct (long press "0" key for 3-5 seconds to vibrating the wand; charging status can not work)

Step 2: Make sure the charging is correct (whether the charging indicator flashes green, whether the magnet has sucked the charging port)

Step 3:Connecting to computer charge or connecting to wall charger (computer charging,please confirm the voltage is higher or lower than the charging voltage)


Package List:


1x Wand Massager

1x Usb Charger



vibrator leten (6)  vibrator leten (8)  vibrator leten (4)  vibrator leten (2)  vibrator leten (3)  vibrator leten (1)

vibrator leten (5)  vibrator leten 000  vibrator leten0003  vibrator leten (9)


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