LETEN Sex Toy for Women Multi Speed Electronic Waterproof Vibrator Vibration With 10 Pulsating Patterns

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Features And Advantage:


1. Heating, 42℃ Smart sense heating, 360 degree surround heating film is there ,top Sex Toy for Women   Experience the tempreture of a woman orgasms.

2. High-end Magnetic charging docking,Quick Charging,no need to wait, play in anytime.

5. High quality human silicone, extremely smooth and soft,silky smooth head,like a true skin.

7. Strong power,Full speed Vibration,few Pulsating various vibrations for muscles, 1100 r / min high speed

10. Very discrete sounds, about 40dB quietly silent;

11. Stronger waterproof, you can use it when taking a bath.





Material: ABS,silicone


Battery capacity: 1000mah 

Charging time: 2h 

Charging voltage: 5V 

Vibration intensity: 5 

Vibration pattern: 10

Charging mode: dock charger/ usb charger 

Working time: about 2-3 hours (not heating status)



Three: key instructions and use:

01. Three key control area

   Turn On / off press "O"

a, Press 2 seconds on / off, shift into the constant vibrating pattern

b,After turning on,pressing once again,it will be switched to frequency pattern;

c, And then click into the constant vibration pattern, it will be in a circle


02. Enhancements

a, in the constant vibrating pattern, press enhancement key to strengthen the vibration intensity;

b, in the frequency pattern, up to switch the vibration pattern;

c, device on, press 2 seconds to open / close or a key burst pattern.


03. Weak key

1, in the constant vibrating pattern, press this key to weaken the vibration intensity;

2, in the frequency pattern, down to switch the vibration pattern;

3, when wand is on, press 2 seconds to open / close or heating pattern


04. Led light

Hidden in one of the molding under the silica gel,led light on,it will be beautiful and beautiful


05. Magnetic charge interface

Smart connect the positive and negative aumomatically, gently touch, automatic alignment, strong magnetic adsorption,never fall off




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