LETEN Anal Sex Toys Body Save Silicone 4 Size Butt Plug Anal Butt Plug Waterproof Anal Trainer Toy

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leten butt plug (6)leten butt plug (14)leten butt plug (3)leten butt plug (1)leten butt plug (2)leten butt plug (4)leten butt plug (10)leten butt plug (8)leten butt plug (9)leten butt plug (7)




1.Soft Body-Save Silicone,non-toxic,Latex free,no bad smell,very Environmentally friendly to use.


2.WaterProof,This anal sex toys is waterproof,so don't worry to use in any place you wanted,use this 


soft silicone clitoris massager masturbate make the things feel better.


3.Discreet Package–We ship this anal plug in a completely ordinary package.


4.Ergonomic Design,soft butt plug stimulate G-spot ,vagina and clitoris,push you over the edge of 







Brand: LETEN

Name: Anal plug ,butt tail plug

Material: Body Save silicone

Size: Look at the picture

Weight: 98g,84g,34g,42g

different size,different design for different clients .


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