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Impact Play Is BEST When Adult Toys For Us Is Involved!

If you’re new to BDSM then “Impact Play” may sound like a very violent kinky role playing act, but in fact it’s not, and I’m going to teach you how to safely participate in impact play so you won’t have any fears about giving it a try!

Jenny, WTF Is Impact Play?

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Most people probably know what “impact play” is even if they didn’t know that they did. Impact play is the BDSM practice where the ‘dom’ role whips, paddles, flogs, slaps, spanks, punches, or canes the ‘sub’ for sexual pleasure.

Jenny, Impact Play Sounds Way Too Violent To Be Pleasurable!

While the intensity can vary, impact play can make for an erotic exploration of mixing a bit of pain with pleasure.

Whether you’re doing the whipping, spanking, flogging, or if you’re the one being whipped, spanked, or flogged you will feel sexual pleasure, not just physically, but psychologically as well.

As far as physical pleasure goes, being struck on your booty by a whip, flogged on your upper thighs, or smacked and spanked on other erogenous zones stimulates your skin’s nerve receptors and can trigger a tidal wave of pleasurable endorphins and dopamine’s. Trust me, it sounds very aggressive and violent, but it’s only as aggressive and violent as you and your partner agree upon.

Being whipped or paddled itself may feel amazing to you, but it’ll heighten every pleasurable touch that follows, which leads to an explosive orgasm that will rock your body to its core.

Jenny, Can I Practice Impact Play On Myself To See If I Like It?

Listen, if you can get yourself off by masturbating then you don’t need a partner whipping you to see if impact play is something you may find enjoyable. All you need are the right props (leather paddle, spanking flogger, a belt, whips, canes, horse crop, etc.) to smack your legs or back.

The Do’s & Don’t of Impact Play

I’m not an expert in kink just yet, but I do have enough hours of BDSM role play under my belt to understand what the do’s and don’ts of impact play are.


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Do Get Consent: Make sure the ‘sub’ knows, and is in agreement, that they’re about to be whipped, flogged, paddled, smacked, or spanked before you start any impact play session.

Do Use a Safe word & Safe Gesture: Just like any other kinky act, always make sure that you and your partner agree on both a safe word and safe gesture to use before you begin.

Once again, a safe word & safe gesture represents your desire to stop or slow down when you’re role playing.

Do Discuss Body Marks & Bruises: If you plan on wearing shorts or a skirt the day after participating in impact play then you may want to inform your ‘dom’ to not leave any marking on your thighs where other people may see them.

Do Talk About Boundaries: Make sure your partner knows where on your body you do not want to be smacked, whipped, paddles, caned, etc. If you want to smacked, whipped, and spanked all over them make sure you let your kinkster in crime know that as well so they understand how to best please you.

Do Discuss BDSM Devices To Use: Some people like being whipped, and others prefer being paddled, so make sure that the correct “toys” are going to be involved doing any impact play session.


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Don’t Forget To Consent: Consent is the most critical component for any BDSM act. Make sure everyone involved is on the same page before the whipping starts!

Don’t Get A Speeding Ticket: At least not at first. The ‘dom’ should start out slow so the ‘sub’ can get warmed up to impact play. Just like any amazing sexual encounter, impact play is going to take some time. Start slow and ease your way up.

Don’t Strike Stomachs or Sides: Leave the stomach and sides out of your impact play, unless you are using really light force. Important organs are right under could be damaged, and no one wants to leave a sexually charged flogging session with irreparable damage, or a few nights in the hospital..and think of the awkward conversation you and your partner will have trying to explain what happened to your doctor.

Let’s Talk Impact Play Devices

Do you like being spanked? Do you like to be struck by a whip? Do you enjoy being flogged? You excited to get struck by a cane or paddle? Well how would you know what you like best if you’ve never been, spanked, whipped, paddled, caned, or flogged before.

I really enjoy being spanked, flogged, paddled, and whipped. So I suggest that all newbie’s start out with using floggers, paddles, and whips for your first few impact play sessions.

Now finding whips, paddles, floggers, canes, and other impact play devices in an average high street may be slightly difficult, so I suggest you get all of your impact play devices only by a company that specializes in handcrafted BDSM tools & devices only because craftsmanship actually makes a HUGE difference.

After visiting about 20 BDSM message boards the past few weeks it seems that the best place to get handcrafted BDSM tools and devices for impact play is online at Adult Toys For Us.

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Jenny’s Favorite Impact Play Tools From Adult Toys For Us

After browsing through the wide selection of BDSM devices & impact play tools at Adult Toys For Us, I found 3 BDSM impact play devices that I highly suggest everyone who participates in impact play should add to their kinky collection.

Imprint Spanking Paddle- Whore

Make your mark on your sub and show them just what you think of them with these fun imprint paddles. The word is reversed, so with a good swing, it will show up on their naughty skin. Made of stitched PU leather with a firm but flexible core, this remarkable spanking paddle is sure to put them in their place and mark them as yours.

Visit Adult Toys For Us to learn more about this Imprint Spanking Paddle!

Black and Blue Suede Flogger

Beat them black and blue with this high quality suede flogger! The soft, flexible falls alternate in color, and are flat-tipped. The handle is woven in a herringbone pattern, for a sturdy grip and attractive look. The braided wrist loop completes the piece, for an overall stunning look and feel.

Visit Adult Toys For Us to learn more about this Black and Blue Suede Flogger!

Three Layer Slapper

Be absolutely impossible to ignore with the Three Layer Slapper! This multi-layered spanking tool is a superior impact toy, made of high quality leather and sturdily built for the most intense spanking play. The paddle features a handle that is sized for a good, firm grip and is set with gleaming silver studs. The three separate layers impact with a loud and satisfying SNAP of sound with each swing that is sure to get the attention of anyone.

Visit Adult Toys For Us to learn more about this Three Layer Slapper!


I highly urge everyone reading this that’s interested in BDSM impact play to please visit Adult Toys For Us today! Even if you aren’t ready to enter the the BDSM impact play lifestyle, you should still check out Adult Toys For Us to see how remarkable their selection of high quality adult toys really are!!

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