How to Convince Your Partner to Use Sex Toys

In the world we live in today, sex toys don't have the moral disregard that they used to have. The usage of sex toys, although still a private affair, isn't an abomination. For someone who sees how popular sex toys are these days, they may never believe sex toys were disregarded heavily some years ago. The mindset has changed, and more people are beginning to buy and sell sex toys confidently.


Of course, the main aim of a sex toy is to give you sexual pleasure and satisfaction. There is a popular school of thought that believes sex toys are a replacement for sex. Well, while a great sex toy can give you all the sexual pleasure you desire, you don't have to replace your partner. Sex toys are a great addition to your sexual life with your partner.


First off, it fosters a sense of belonging between you and your partner, as you get to study your body partner well. Moreso, it adds the right dose of spice to your relationship. However, telling your partner to use a sex toy can be a very challenging task. Asides from threatening the relationship as a whole, it can make your partner feel less of themselves. However, it depends on how you communicate to your partner about needing sex toys. Here's how to convince your partner to agree to use sex toys with you;


  • Consider their thoughts

The first step to convince your partner about sex toys is to understand how your partner will feel. Understanding what your partner will think is not exactly a complex process. All you need to do is to put yourself in their shoes. If your partner walks up to you tomorrow and says they need sex toys, how will you feel? It's normal for you to lie to yourself and claim you wouldn't be pained, but is that the truth?


We have different ways to react to situations in relationships. You have to consider your partner's behaviour when you're thinking about how they feel. If your partner gets aggressive during talks like this, you have to be very careful when proposing sex toys. When you do this feeling check, you have a picture of what to expect.



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  • Throw it in as jokes

An intelligent way to do reality checks when you're about to request sex toys is to joke with them. You may take the conversation away from you and your partner and try to see the reaction. Here's an example, research for a post on Twitter supporting sex toys in a relationship. When you get a good post, start a conversation with your partner.


That way, you can get the reaction from your partner, and you know what level you are at. If you can't get a post online, you can jokingly chip in conversations about sex toys to get the reaction. Try to get this reaction multiple times, so you can be sure it's not a one-time reaction.



  • Get comfortable with sex communication

A lot of people in relationships have sex multiple times but can't talk about sex conveniently. If you're in a relationship where any matter that concerns sexual conversation is awkward, you have work to do. Sexual communication should be as comfortable as sex itself. So before you speak about sex toys with your partner, you should get comfortable talking about sex.


  • Be very tactical about your request

Asking for sex toys to be involved in your relationship is not an ordinary request. You have to take a lot of planning before you finally request it. You don't have to write down a plan on how you're going to ask. All you need to do is make sure you're asking at the right time and with your partner's personality in mind.



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  • Make your partner feel important

At every point, you have to make sure your partner feels important. While you're asking for sex toys in the relationship, make your partner understand that you have their best interest at heart. Don't approach your partner in a way that will make them feel less important. If you can, try to approach them with sex toys to satisfy their sexual needs.



  • Don't push too hard

If your partner doesn't like the idea of sex toys, don't put pressure. At that point, they're probably thinking of why you need sex toys and feeling down. Instead, what you can do is try to convince them without adding pressure.


  • Research excellently

When your partner is about to accept your sex toys request, questions will be asked. If you don't have the correct answers to these questions, your partner may lose interest. So the best thing you can do is to do profound research about what sex toys are. Also, you should know all the sexual, health, and relationship benefits of sex toys. That way, when you need to answer questions, you'll do that confidently.



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  • Buy sex toys together

This is a critical part of the process; buying the toys together. When you buy sex toys with your partner, both of you have a clear understanding of the functions of each toy. So when it's time to use the toys, there will be no confusion whatsoever. Likewise, it'll help both of you communicate better sexually.


  • Try out new toys curiously

After getting the toys, it's time for you and your partner to try out these toys. Both of you need to try out the sex toys curiously. You're allowed to ask questions like, "are you enjoying it?" "Is it painful?" while you're using the toys. Take your time and enjoy the process.



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Sex toys have numerous benefits, which include health and sexual advantages. Sex toys have some advantages they can add to your relationship. If you don't know how to tell your partner to add sex toys, you can try out the tips we have listed in this article.


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