10X Pleasure Stroke Vibrating Silicone Penis Sleeve

10X Pleasure Stroke Vibrating Silicone Penis Sleeve; Buy it or nah?


When you have been doing something for a long time, you tend to get really good at it. Similarly in most cases, when your body is introduced to a certain experience for years, it tends to get accustomed to it and no matter what you give it, the body will still love the old ways more than anything yes.


Yes, I’m referring to masturbation. A form of self-pleasure known to mankind for aeons. No matter how great your sex life is, masturbation would still remain your go-to option for those horny lonely nights! In this article, we’ll be talking about one very interesting product that can spice up your life more than you could have ever imagined.


Introducing 10X Pleasure Stroke Vibrating Silicone Penis Sleeve, a one of a kind product aimed to give you a toe-curling orgasm every single time. What exactly is this product? Read on and you’ll discover the product you didn’t know you needed!


What is 10X Pleasure Stroke Vibrating Silicone Penis Sleeve?


It is a vibrating penis sleeve which is the new craze amongst men. Irrespective of your orientation and sexuality, this sleeve is something everyone can enjoy; be it a twink gay man or a heterosexual hunk, we got you all covered.


Okay fair enough. I have a girlfriend, do i really need this?


Boy oh boy… either you have entered the relationship very recently or you just don’t know how the female mind works. There will be innumerable days when your partner wouldn’t be in the “mood”. This product is for those days.


Being a girl, I must tell you that you should learn to please yourself without depending on anyone else. If you come out as a sex hungry guy then trust me, your stint isn’t gonna last long. So use this product and when she realises that you aren’t begging for it anymore, she’ll come to your desk ;)


Furthermore, this is also a great product for foreplay in heterosexual and homosexual intercourses. So just add it in and you’ll see a completely different gameplay.


But there are so many sleeves in the market. Why should I choose this one?


Ah that’s a fair question. One google search will introduce you to hundreds if not thousands of products made by random companies throughout the globe. So why should you choose this one?


Here, I give you 4 essential points where this vibrating sleeve is a deal-breaker:

  • Ergonomic adjustable fit
    Most sleeves out there either come in a fixed size or have shitty elastic to fit on your dick. Not this one. With its ergonomic design and adjustable breadth you can be sure that this sleeve sits perfectly around your dick, providing you the exact amount of pressure throughout.

  • 3 speeds and 7 patterns of vibration
    This surely is a unique feature. You get to try 3 different speeds for your different moods *wink wink* and further get 7 patterns of vibrations with each.
    Therefore in total, you get 21 ways to pleasure your manhood!

  • NO phthalate
    We care about the user’s health more than anything else. Hence while designing this product the developers made sure to incorporate only the safest of elements and hence handpicked the most biosafe ingredients. Needless to say, phthalate being carcinogenic, didn’t make it and we’re proud to give you a product devoid of it.

  • Rechargeable with USB compatibility
    How many times has it been that you had to stop your solo sessions to get those AAA or AA batteries and couldn’t find them…
    Not anymore. With USB compatibility you can charge them whenever you want with your phone charger and use it wherever and whenever you please ;)


Wow, that’s really impressive. Are there any negatives that you’d wanna share to be fair?


Definitely. As an unbiased author, it is my duty to share the negative aspects of a product as well.

Recently clients have been complaining about one major thing. Almost every day we get a complaint email regarding this product and the topic is always the same; it’s addictive.


Our clients have been complaining about getting addicted to the pleasure this product gives them. Most of them have said that they now prefer using our 10X Pleasure Stroke Vibrating Silicone Penis Sleeve instead of using the hand. Couples have even mentioned that this device is their regular add-on for every session.


So if you’re someone who cannot handle addiction, it might be a lil problem.


Final Verdict? Would you recommend it?


You’re asking me if I’d recommend a portable rechargeable sleeve that gives a man 21 types of vibrations? Heck yea I would.

So go ahead and get this product asap. The only regret you’ll ever have is not reading this article earlier!


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